Research, Consultation and Strategic Planning

Spectrum ServicesThe first step of any successful marketing communications campaign begins with research and strategic planning. Research provides you with the competitive intelligence necessary to respond swiftly to changing market trends and conditions. A well-conceived plan will help you to stay ahead of your competition by defining your objectives and providing you with an easy to follow schedule of activities to help you achieve them. Research and planning will also help you and your staff to be more proactive, build much higher recognition and generate a greater number of leads than could be accomplished without a plan.

Spectrum is uniquely qualified to research and develop your marketing communications plan. Drawing upon over 20 years of experience, we will help you develop winning strategies and tactics to achieve all of your marketing communications objectives. Once your plan is developed, we are available to help you implement all or any component of it.

Spectrum Marketing & Communications’ service offerings include:

Research Services and Programs
Want to know more about potential customers? Have market sizing and forecast requirements? Need customized research or market opportunity assessments to support your strategic goals and objectives? Spectrum can create a wide variety of custom reports based on surveys and interviews of your key clients, channel partners and prospects. Research topics may include market trends and growth drivers; purchase motivations; pain points and implementation challenges; product, service, support and communications preferences; and more.

Marketing Communications Plans
Spectrum offers complete research and development of both corporate and product Marketing Communications Plans. Components may include market analysis; situational analysis; customer profiling; competitive analysis; corporate and product positioning; development of key communications messages; marketing and communications objectives, strategies and tactics; measurements of success; and budgets.

Content Marketing Plans
Working with you and your sales and marketing team, Spectrum will develop a comprehensive Content Marketing Plan that may include customer research, a definition of buyer personas, program goals and objectives, recommended keywords and phrases, communications topics, ‘editorial’ schedule and program metrics. All plans will be developed to provide you with the necessary key messaging, strategies and tactics to guide your content creation, promotion and distribution efforts.

Lead Generation Assessment
Spectrum’s Lead Generation Assessment provides a detailed report on the health of your lead lifecycle and delivers prioritized recommendations for actionable improvements to optimize lead flow, close nurture gaps, improve technology performance and increase ROI through higher conversion rates. Central to the report is an assessment of your company’s marketing and sales process, as well as a high-level analysis of your online marketing content. Spectrum’s team of researchers and consultants will review your lead management process and evaluate your website’s content for its ability to connect with buyers and key influencers of your products and services; providing specific recommendations such as key messaging and thought leadership content for improving your company’s awareness, consideration and conversion of prospects.